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Family Bathroom – Shower Room – Wet Room – Disability Bathroom – Renovation Projects – Ensuite Bathroom

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Services we render

At Castle Bathrooms, we handle bathroom design and bathroom installation, bathroom repairs and bathroom remodelling – all with the utmost professionalism.

Before we even begin work on your project, our team of bathroom fitters (and designers) will sit down together for a consultation to discuss everything you need from your new bathroom:

Bathroom design

Do you want to have a bespoke bathroom, or do you want us to design something for you? If it’s the latter, we can help with bathroom ideas – just let us know what your dream bathroom looks like and our bathroom fitters will work their magic.

Bathroom installation

Once a plan has been decided on, we’ll get started! We use only high-quality materials from suppliers across York who share our commitment to providing an excellent service at all times.

Bathroom repairs

Our bathroom fitters will be able to take care of any bathroom repairs necessary.

Bathroom remodelling

We can transform your bathroom with a complete makeover – we specialise in bathroom design and installation using the very latest, innovative bathroom products and materials.

Disabled bathrooms

If you’re looking for specialist disabled bathrooms (including wet rooms) then contact us now – we offer fully accessible solutions that meet all relevant regulations.

Ensuite bathrooms

Perhaps you would like to create your bathroom suite for extra bathroom storage space?

Walk-in showers

How about a walk-in shower to create bathroom space without the need for bathroom suite refitting?

Shower rooms

Our bathroom professionals are on hand with advice and assistance. All of our bathrooms come fully tiled, supplied with quality bath panels, heated towel rails, low flush WC cisterns and toilets as well as glass screens around all wet areas. We can also offer you an array of floor tiles to pick from to complete your bathroom design ideas!

Wet rooms

We can give you bathroom space with a wet room. A wet room, as the name suggests is where all of your bathroom fixtures and fittings are situated within a confined area to create bathroom storage space!

Bathroom accessories

Do you need new bathroom furniture? Or perhaps you might like some extra storage space for items such as towels or toiletries; if so, we are at hand!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Fit A Bathroom?

The cost of bathroom installation is purely dependant on bathroom size and fittings. A bathroom without a shower fitted will be cheaper than one with a wet room as the additional plumbing works required increases costs considerably!

Do I Need Planning Permission?

It depends where you live but if your property falls into one of our many areas that require Planning Permission then this may apply to certain aspects of bathroom installation work including wet rooms or walk-in showers. The law states though that any new bathrooms must be accessible so please contact us should you want more information about whether it’s necessary for planning permission to be obtained beforehand!

Do You Install Bathroom Wall Panels Before Or After Fitting A Bathroom?

We usually install bathroom wall panels after fitting a bathroom. This is because we can keep the bathroom water-tight and use it as access for our tradesmen to get in and out of the room.

Can You Make My Tub Deeper By Installing A Liner?

No. we can install a bathroom wall instead of installing the tile but they cannot make your tub deeper by installing a liner. This often is the case when you have an existing walk-in bathtub or Jacuzzi and would rather not pay for bathroom resurfacing, which does cost more than our bathroom fitters’ services.

Do You Tile Before Or After Fitting A Bathroom?

We prefer to do tiles afterwards since there may be other works required such as electrical work etc., but we can certainly not say no either way because each bathroom refurbishment project has its own unique set of problems associated with it.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Bathroom Fitted?

The time taken for bathroom fitting depends entirely on your design ideas but we can always provide you with our quotes so there are no nasty surprises once work begins! We have been established for decades and our years of experience means that reliability isn’t an issue at Castle Bathrooms, just peace of mind from start to finish.

Can You Work If There Is A Window In The Bathroom/Shower Area?

We’d always recommend that bathroom windows and/or shower enclosures are kept as small as possible to optimise the level of insulation. The minimum size for a bathroom window is 100mm by 150mm but there’s no reason why we couldn’t make it larger if you wanted us to, just let us know!

Why Have Your Acrylic Bathtub Or Shower Liner Installed Instead Of Removing The Old Tub?

Our bathroom fitters will explain that there are several very good reasons why they advise you against this course of action! Installing an acrylic bath tube can be a really simple process; it’s almost like painting on paint but with insulation properties too (you could even do it yourself if you wanted to!) It also offers significant advantages over traditional methods such as tiling for example. Renovating bathrooms without tiles has grown in popularity considerably since their invention because, not only does it allow more light into the room which makes them seem much larger than they are, but they also lend themselves to much more modern bathroom designs which is the way in most people want their bathroom to look these days! Furthermore, it can be done at a fraction of tile fitting costs and with an incredible level of detail.

Can You Install A Liner Over A Jetted/Jacuzzi Tub?

Yes, absolutely! This is one of the most common questions we get asked, and it is certainly possible to put a bathroom liner over your jetted/Jacuzzi tub.

How Long Will Your Acrylic Bathtub Solution Last?

Our bathroom solutions can last a lifetime if you take care of them, but we recommend that they should be redone every five to seven years.

Do You Have Any Bathroom Design Ideas?

We have bathroom design ideas in spades, literally. We will visit you to discuss your needs and go over the bathroom designs which are available before we make a final decision on what bathroom is best for your home.

Can You Install A Walk-In Bathroom?

Yes, bathroom fitting is often the most practical and cost-effective solution to bathroom installation.

Why Install A Bathroom Wall Instead Of Installing Tile?

Walls are much easier to maintain than flooring or tiling, making them a popular bathroom remodelling choice. Bathroom wall panels are used for both walls and ceilings in bathrooms, giving the illusion of more space by reflecting light around the room. This can be particularly effective when paired with mirrors behind sinks, over toilets etc., which will create an optical reflection within the bathroom itself!

Why Is Bathroom Fitting A Better Option For My Bathroom Remodel Than Bathtub Resurfacing Or Bathtub Refinishing?

Bathroom fitting is a cheaper, quicker and less invasive bathroom refurbishment option. We only use the highest quality materials for bathroom fitting which means that you get a better finish without any of the mess or disruption! That’s why bathroom fitters are perfect if you want to install a wall instead of installing tile, after all, they have everything needed in one place while bathtub resurfacing companies will need to go back multiple times so it is time-consuming and costly indeed!

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