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A walk in shower is a type of shower unit with sliding doors or panels, which conceals the opening and closing mechanism. Since the enclosure only consists of glass panels, it lets water seep into the flooring of your bathroom to avoid flooding.

Apart from that, homeowners do not have to worry about dangerous slipping as they step on wet shower tiles. This eliminates potential accidents caused by poor drainage systems and causes less damage to the flooring below of your shower room.
Walk-in showers are also more popularly known as barrier free showers because these provide individuals with disabilities and those suffering from arthritis and other physical ailments easier access inside and outside of their bathtub unit for bathing purposes.

Shower enclosures come in all shapes and sizes. It will be easier to find a suitable place for installation if you have an idea of the size of bathroom available. Since shower enclosures are custom made products, it is important to know the exact measurements before making a purchase.
Walk-in showers or barrier free showers do not also have to use standard sizes, so homeowners can freely select any type, shape and design that best fits their taste and preference for their new bathroom shower.

When having a walk in shower installed, you need to consider what type of enclosure will be best for your needs. There are many types and styles of walk in showers that can be found on the market today. You may want a simple alcove with a sliding door or a large open space with multiple shower heads.

Whichever type of enclosure you choose, it is important to have a watertight seal between the floor and the walls to prevent water leakage. This step is essential in ensuring that your new shower is not only attractive but also durable and long lasting.

How Much Does A Walk In Shower Installation Cost?

The cost of a walk-in shower varies, depending on the size and type that you choose as well as any additional features such as grab bars or seats. There are also small factors like the type of tile selected for the bathroom floor and walls, and if you require any remedial building work prior to the shower installation. Our Walk-In Shower specialists at Castle Bathrooms of York will be able to give you an accurate quote once they have visited your home and discussed with you any special requirements and ideas for your new walk in shower, so it’s always best to get in touch with us first. We offer a free design and quotation consultation at the privacy of your home, here one of our go through everything at your convenience.

Castle Bathrooms of York offers a complete service when it comes to your new installation. We will provide you with advice and assistance throughout the whole process, from initial design ideas through to final completion if required. Our team can also help you choose the ideal fixtures for your room, ensuring that everything meets your requirements and budget. Once you have found the perfect look for your new room, we will move quickly to ensure that the installation process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Benefits of Walk-in Shower

There are many benefits to getting a professional walk in shower installation, not least the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the job has been done properly. Our team has years of experience in this field, so you can be sure that your new room will be perfectly tailored to your needs. We also use only the highest quality materials and fittings, ensuring that your new walk in shower will last for years to come.

A walk in shower is a type of stall which you enter from within your home rather than stepping over the lip of the enclosure from outside. The interior of the walk in shower features an elevated threshold or sill, so that water does not flow out onto your bathroom floor, and this should be sloped to one side to allow for easy drainage. Typically, there will also be a slot in the front panel for a sliding door incorporating a strong handle which locks into place when closed for enhanced safety. With our Walk In Shower Installation a strong time-proven frame system creates the threshold from within creating a raised sill that will not allow water to leak onto your bathroom floor. Once it has been installed, our walk in shower enclosure is ready for you to use immediately. This means you get a luxurious bathing experience at home today!

A walk in shower installation can provide a range of benefits for the customer

Increased accessibility

This is especially beneficial for those who find it difficult to use a traditional bathtub or those who have limited mobility. A walk in shower allows the user to step straight into the shower area without having to climb over any edges, making it much easier and safer to use.

Increased space

Unlike a traditional bathtub, a walk in shower does not require any additional space around the sides or at the rear, meaning that you can make more efficient use of your existing bathroom space.

Improved hygiene

With no need for a bathtub to be filled with water, a walk in shower is much more hygienic than a traditional bath. This also means that it can be used more easily by those who have mobility issues or are confined to a wheelchair.

Installation of a walk in shower is a great way to improve the usability and functionality of your bathroom, as well as adding value to your home. If you are thinking of installing a walk in shower in your home, get in touch with our team today for expert advice and assistance. We offer a complete walk in shower installation service, backed up by a comprehensive warranty, so you can be sure that your new shower will be installed quickly and professionally.

Yes, we are a fully insured company with many years’ experience in the industry, so you can rest assured that your project will be completed safely and efficiently. We always try to ensure that each walk in shower installation is as problem free as possible. If you need advice on materials or design, just talk to one of our team members – they will be happy to help.

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